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Re: Approaching VMware (and others) to get Debian listed as supported ?

Here are my notes and feeling about Debian guest.

I run a Debian sid textmode system in VMware. It works fine.

The only problem is that framebuffer does not work right, but i'm pretty sure it is a configuration problem with my Debian guest as Knoppix's framebuffer works fine.

I have no desire to use x11.

There is a system called VMware Tools, which allows certain advanced functionality like copying and pasting between host and guest. The problem with this is that the install system is redhat inspired and it will install into /usr. An offical (even if 'non-free') debian packaging of VMware-tools, would fix this.

The other problem is that these tools require X11. I would really like to see text mode versions of these daemons created and packaged. The simple fact is that while some of the components of VMware tools need or at least utilize X11, some like clock synchronization, or 'shared folders' do not require this at all.

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