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Re: problem with mount and ...

[Wodzu Wodzowski]
> One is with mount command problem. I wrote in fstab file:
> /dev/hda2   /mnt/winD   ntfs   ro,user,auto   0   0

This *is* the wrong list, as mentioned - but anyway.  I don't know why
you use both the "user" and "auto" flags.  For one thing, "auto" is
already the default, so does not need to be specified; for another,
"user" is usually used with "noauto" instead (people normally want
either "user,noauto" or the defaults of "nouser,auto").

But what you do want is the flag "umask=0" as explained below:

  /dev/hda2   /mnt/winD   ntfs   ro,umask=0               0   0
  /dev/hda2   /mnt/winD   ntfs   ro,umask=0,user,noauto   0   0

(Depending on your desired configuration.)

> So I checked attributes of this file and use 'chmod 777
> ...' and stiil don't have access to this partition.

chmod does not work with the ntfs filesystem: the Linux kernel code for
ntfs does not bother to read or write permissions information for
files, since NT permissions are so different from Unix permissions.
(User and group IDs would have to be mapped from one space to the
other, and the classic Unix permission bits don't exist per se in Win32
either.  Windows files have ACLs instead.)  The only way to control the
permissions presented is the "umask" option at mount time.

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