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Re: Debian UK

Stephen Frost wrote:

> If they're doing it on Debian's behalf then they should be following
> Debian's policies, which at least on the website has thusfar been that
> Debian doesn't sell products (or perhaps just doesn't sell CDs).  That's
> also been the general understanding that I've had of Debian's polciies.

I'd draw a distinction between Debian and it's representatives at Expos and
the like.

I'm certainly not trying to suggest that Debian should sell merchandise via
www.debian.org (or even via www.uk.debian.org, say)

As far as I know it's generally been the case that Debian merchandise has
been available for purchase from Debian Expo stands in most European
countries.  In fact, if I was going to a show elsewhere, I'd be
disappointed if I didn't get the chance to buy the local Debian designs.
All the shows I have been to have offered me that chance AFAIK (in fact I
was quite surprised to discover that this is not the case in the US, but I
suppose local sales tax is a killer)

> Not to mention that it sounds like you'd like an SPI-like organization
> in the UK for Debian which would then be the organization attending the
> expos anyway...

Is it SPI or a random assortment of Debian folks that attend expos in the US?

Cheers, Phil.

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