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Re: Debian UK

* Stephen Frost (sfrost@snowman.net) [050907 16:15]:
> In general I believe the practice *has* been that we don't
> sell things.

Actually, I have never seen any Debian booth where we didn't sell
things. With exception of fairs where the fair didn't allow it.

> > It's long been the case that Debian sells CDs at European events. To the
> > best of my knowledge, until now there has never been any real complaints
> > over this sort of behaviour. It's hardly as if we've been hiding this -
> > see http://www.debian.org/events/2003/1008-linuxexpo-report for
> > instance. I'd argue that this isn't something that Debian as a whole has
> > an objection to, and that (as a result) the website should be changed.

> Alright, then let's change the website and let's put up a better
> explanation of our policies regarding selling things.  I'd rather that
> policy not be location-specific but it sounds like it'd have to be for
> what's currently happening to be accurately reflected.

To something like
"Debian doesn't sell CDs via the Internet. However, at some events
Debian sells CDs (and other stuff), depending if the local applicable
laws make that possible without too much ado."


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