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Re: Debian UK

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 12:30:39AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> > This doesn't strike me as much different than loads of other inon-profit associations
> > (maybe thisis a frenchisism though ?) do in all legallity, and i see nothing
> > there which really involves trademark or our attitude with regard commercial
> > distributions.
> The debian trademark policy says no businesses get to use
> the mark.  Why should this selling association, which ignores
> good practice, get a swift exception, while Ian Murdock's
> development association gets referred for negotiations?

Because, quite simply, they are not a business, at least in the sense that was
meant at the above.

I mean, take LinuxTag for example, there where guys there at the debian booth
selling t-shirts and stuff, don't know the detail, but nobody bashed them for
doing business in debian name, and i believe as long as the money is not given
out to share-holders, but is for debian (either as plain donation, or expensed
for debian related stuff, like stock renewal and the ocassional yearly party),
then everything is fine and you are just silly in claiming the contrary.

There is no relationship whatsoever in the "core" thingy, or the other debian
derived distros.

And BTW, anyway, does the debian trademark extend to textile and such ? Or is
it only restricted to software products ?

> > From my overview of this discussion, it is just a petty person dispute
> > between the "in" people and the "out" ones,
> More like the "in" people and the "also-in" ones ;-)

Well, a petty person dispute nontheless.

> > [...] (altough i guess any court would take the reasonable approach over
> > the opt-out thingy, and not make those co-opted members liable, but IANAL).
> First, I'd rather not take that risk in this climate.

Any juridicial system, where you get assigned responsability like that without
attending the AGM and signing in is probably worthless. I doubt the UK
judicial system is in this case though.

> Second, what would happen to Debian's money if "Debian UK"'s
> constitution is found not to stand up in court?  What'd happen
> to debian's reputation? We'd look like a bunch of clowns who
> can't run one of the simplest business structures!

As opposed to a bunch of clowns who expose their petty disputes on the public
plaza :)

> > So, go solv your internal and interpersonal affairs between yourselves, or
> > bring some more real problems here that warrant this long flamewar :)
> I'm willing to discuss and I've been plain about the walk-away
> points, but there's no sign of DUS movement. This problem needs
> more attention and it would've been better if it came from
> debian supporters here, rather than the alternatives. Sorry.

Well, you have hardly been resaonable in some of your points, so i believe
there is some understanding in them not wanting to speak with you or whatever.


Sven Luther

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