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Re: Debian UK

* Philip Hands (phil@hands.com) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > Even so, that was the general policy as I understood it...  Should we be
> > saying that we don't sell CDs (do the DUS folks sell CDs?  I dunno) only
> > there?  Should we be pointing out that we do sell t-shirts somewhere?
> I have a feeling that the main reason Debian doesn't sell anything is that
> Debian doesn't own anything, because Debian doesn't exist as a legal entity
> (that's what SPI's for).
> That being the case, Debian also cannot attend Expos.  It's always a case
> of individuals and/or organisations doing so on Debian's behalf.

If they're doing it on Debian's behalf then they should be following
Debian's policies, which at least on the website has thusfar been that
Debian doesn't sell products (or perhaps just doesn't sell CDs).  That's
also been the general understanding that I've had of Debian's polciies.

Not to mention that it sounds like you'd like an SPI-like organization
in the UK for Debian which would then be the organization attending the
expos anyway...



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