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Re: Debian UK

* Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au) [050907 15:02]:
> AIUI, that's been frowned upon in the US because actually selling
> things makes you liable for collecting/paying sales tax which is a huge
> nuisance. Giving stuff away and asking for a donation, meanwhile, doesn't.
> Different countries handle that differently.

For example in Germany, sales taxes don't need to be payed if you make
less than ~16000 Euro revenues per year with selling stuff (it's a bit
more complex, but - well, that's basically why this is not an issue).

> For reference, Australia
> allows certain companies to call themselves "charities" for tax purposes;
> but they're restricted to very specific purposes, none of which cover
> "developing a free operating system to benefit humanity as a whole".

Within German law, Debian is even a chartiy, which goes nice for tax
purposes (however, being a charity doesn't help you with the sales tax
stuff at all here, but that doesn't matter because we're small enough in
financial terms). :)


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