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Re: Pledge To Killfile Andrew Suffield

* Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> [050813 12:30]:
> That is what 'innocent until proven guilty' means, here. Are you
> saying that this principle does not hold?

No, it does not hold. This principle does not even hold in court,
but only for criminal offences.

So until we are discussing about actually throwing you out, there
is no point in applying it.

* Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> [050809 23:09]:
> They've been putting around this notion that I generally write 
> flames, trolls, put-downs, whatever you want to call it. [...]
> Since they're going unchallenged, there's an unfortunate tendency for
> people to believe them and repeat the stories.

Here I have to disagree. Most people are not so stupid to believe
unanswered claims. But from time to time you answer, and then it is
hard not to believe the claims made against you.

Please do not conclude that since most people attacking you are morons
the claims must be false.

Also try to apply a bit of your cleverness into considering what people
might do, if those claims were true:
- If they try to convice you that your style is offensive and hardly
acceptable, you answer in the same style asking for evidences,
ridiculing any hints given to help you understanding the situation,
reacting like an attacked animal instead of applying your inteligence
to reflect yourself.
Any sane person trying to help will most likely give up here.

- If they try to convice other people that you are unacceptable, and
you answer in your the way you do, a sane way in any court like
situation would be to tell "No more questions", as everything to be
said is on the table. (People trying to make you look bad are not
interested in you believing it, but other people. There is no need
to bring in anything your accept as evidence, as long as you are
bringing in enough)

If the claims are not necesarily true and people just try to bash you
(as said above, existance of those people does not prove the the
 claims are false and only if only such people exist this could
 give a hint about the claims beeing false):
- the bad ones might pop up, tell some ugly things about you, realising
 they can no refute your counterclaims, thus not fighting you in place
 but going somewhere else.

If this were the majority of people, why do they only show up on lists
and on places you are known to read? Look a bit around, they do it
nowhere else. 

Of corse, in both situations:
- Morons, trolls and people liking to discuss for the purpose to
discuss will not stop but continue to bash you.

	Bernhard R. Link

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