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Procedure for bringing bugs to public discussion in time critical circumstances (was: Discussion of bug #311683...)

Mark Brown wrote:
On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 08:20:07PM +0200, R. Armiento wrote:
Since the main issue on my mind was "do people feel that it is ok that this goes into the sarge release?", exactly what would have been proper procedure? How long should I have waited before bringing it to the list?

I'd only have brought it up if it looked like the maintainers weren't
paying proper attention to the report.  From the bug log it didn't look
like there were any unreasonable delays - it took a little while before
the bug made it to the package where a fix was needed.

There was indeed no unreasonable delay in the handling of the bug report. It was however unresonable to expect the maintainers to handle the bug in such a timely manner that there also would be time left for public discussion in case such was needed.

I would have been trolling if I had posted to debian-release with "Stop sarge release now!". But I didn't. I wrote here, to see if, given the circumstances, people in general felt the issue was important enough to warrant taking it further more prompt than the *resonable* speed of the bug report. But I am sorry for being offensive like that; I suppose when one is unsure in a time-critical relase-related issue, not posting anything at all is more proper procedure than asking for opinions on debian-project. I'll try to remember that next time.


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