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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

"R. Armiento" <reply-debian-05@armiento.net> wrote:
> I just want to bring bug #311683 to "public awareness" and

You reported it yesterday. Why bounce it so soon?

> discussion. Since it is a bit of a "sociopolitcal" and policy
> issue, I suspect there may be people out there who feel
> strongly about this one way or the other, and with

Policy issue? Which bit of policy? I searched debian-policy for
porn and didn't find any.

> the upcoming release of debian sarge, it might not be optimal
> if this feature makes it out to the official release "under
> the radar" without being publically discussed.

There's a bug open about it. I doubt the release will be held
for a new kdebase-bin now, though.

> The issue is:
> 1. The WebCollage screensaver "...makes collages out of
> random images pulled off of the World Wide Web. It finds
> these images by doing random web searches...". The result is
> a screensaver that often shows sexually explicit images. [...]

Can you quantify "often" please?

Really, any site that gives a toss about accidental images
should be using a filtering proxy, IMO, so I don't agree
that this should lose anyone their job. normal not important.

MJ Ray (slef), K. Lynn, England, email see http://mjr.towers.org.uk/

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