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Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn


I just want to bring bug #311683 to "public awareness" and
discussion. Since it is a bit of a "sociopolitcal" and policy
issue, I suspect there may be people out there who feel
strongly about this one way or the other, and with
the upcoming release of debian sarge, it might not be optimal
if this feature makes it out to the official release "under
the radar" without being publically discussed.

The issue is:
1. The WebCollage screensaver "...makes collages out of
random images pulled off of the World Wide Web. It finds
these images by doing random web searches...". The result is
a screensaver that often shows sexually explicit images.

2. The xscreensaver package contains the WebCollage
screensaver, but places it among the screensavers that per
default are not included in "random screensaver".

3. KDE's random screensaver ignores xscreensavers settings
about what screensavers should be included in "random
screensaver" and randomize over all screensavers.

Result: users of KDE with the 'random screensaver' setting
eventually find their screens filled with sexually explicit
content. And even if that should be fixed, users "flipping
through the screensavers" risk being presented with sexual
content in the screensaver preview window.

Here is the bug link:

It may also be relevant that a similar discussion is taking
place on the Fedora bug lists:
(with duplicate bugs: 139777, 149803, 140684)


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