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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

This one time, at band camp, Sven Luther said:
> On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 05:47:50PM -0400, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Yeah, random underage people in this context being the children of the KDE
> desktop using users. Would you like your child to be subject to porn while you
> are away and the screensaver is working ? You may not even notice.

I find the 'save the children' cry to usually be a whine from parents too
lazy to take the time to properly do the parenting themselves.  If you
are a parent, or are installing Debian for others who have children,
and you are worried about this, take half a second and disable webcollage
for them.  I don't think it's the distibution's job to do that parenting
for you, just as it is notthe jb of the cable TV operators to decide for
you if porn can be shown in your house.  If you don't want it, filter
it.  There are plenty of tools available.

> > > I also believe that this may subject distributors of debian/sarge cd
> > > to legal troubles.
> > 
> > Let's not degenerate into FUD so quickly.  It contains no images in and
> > of itself.  If webcollage will generate legal trouble for distributors,
> > so would a graphical browser.  Quick, let's drop mozilla so no one can
> > look at a porn site.  Good thinking.
> There is a world of difference, since mozilla needs active action to show
> porn, while this one is showed up to your face. A judge may well make no
> difference in this case between being shipped together with it, or it being
> automatically downloaded, and in any case the damage, with its possible wide
> ranging psychological consequences, will already have been done.

So does webcollage.  You have to open the KDE control center, find the
screensaver subpart, enable the screen savers, and then select random.

Or you could click on a link in an email and get taken to a porn site.

Do you see a difference?  I don't.  The secnd case is actually easier,
if anything.

> Do we really want to be responsible for that ? I don't want to, and i suggest
> all distributors boycott the sarge release if this is not fixed ASAP.

That is so ridiculous it doesn't even deserve a civil reply.
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