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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 07:40:46PM +0200, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> * R. Armiento [Fri, 03 Jun 2005 18:02:54 +0200]:
> > I just want to bring bug #311683 to "public awareness" and
> > discussion. Since it is a bit of a "sociopolitcal" and policy
> > issue, I suspect there may be people out there who feel
> > strongly about this one way or the other, and with
> > the upcoming release of debian sarge, it might not be optimal
> > if this feature makes it out to the official release "under
> > the radar" without being publically discussed.
>   1. This is not getting fixed for Sarge, it has been reported too late.
>      You may want to (try to) convince the Stable Release Manager that
>      this is really suitable or even necessary for a point release.

This needs to be fixed for sarge, as it will subject random underage people
sitting in the same room your computer is in to random porn. I believe this is
illegal in most countries, and we can't be allowed to let this happen.

I also believe that this may subject distributors of debian/sarge cd to legal

>   2. The KDE team has already said (read the bug log) that we will
>      provide a solution for this issue in our next upload. Either by not
>      providing the Web Collage screensaver at all in the Control Center,
>      or (preferably) by not letting Random mode pick it.
>      Other solutions, like having Random mode let you pick what
>      screensavers to use, are in upstream's realm.
>   3. If you're a system administrator and are concerned about this
>      biting you and your users, do one of these:
>      - don't install the kscreensaver-xsavers package
>      - dpkg-divert --add --rename /usr/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/webcollage.desktop

So, what is wrong with making an upload that fixes this instead ? 

>   4. If you're a KDE user and don't want Random mode to pick Web
>      Collage, do one of these:
>      - don't use Random mode
>      - ask your sysadmin to perform one of the actions in (3)
>      - drop the attached file in ~/.kde/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers;
>        do gunzip it first, but DO NOT rename it. (With it, whenever Web
>        Collage would have been used, "Blank Screen" will be called instead.
>        I attach the diff to the original file too.)
>   5. If you are reading the above and think "Debian should deliver a
>      good product by default, and neither (3) nor (4) are reasonable
>      things to ask to our users", I agree, but the timing of this report
>      has been very unfortunate.

So what ? What happened to we will release when we are ready ? And is really
one day more or less or even a week going to be a problem ? Especially given
the legal consequences it can bring to our users and distributors ? 


Sven Luther

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