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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

Stephen Gran wrote:
webcollage shipped in woody.  These random underage people you are
worried about have been 'subjected' to porn for three years now.

Is this really true? I tried googling on 'woody', 'screensavers' and 'kde', and found a couple of reports on how difficult it was to get the xscreensavers working from kde. I find this report particularily informative in that it describes the efforts needed to get WebCollage to work,

So, in the case of woody, it might be more of a technical issue that has protected random underage people and office workers...

However, I note that in the bug report the xscreensaver maintainer points out that the for WebCollage required netpbm package is not pulled in automatically by xscreensaver. I don't know if this will provide similar "protection" for Sarge, or if netpbm will be present in most installations anyway. In the "exposure" reported to me, the netpbm package had apparently been installed in a more or less normal sarge testing install.


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