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Re: Discussion of bug #311683, default kde install shows porn

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 11:32:55AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> "R. Armiento" wrote:
> > Also, I never really imagined that there would be people counter-arguing 
> > that the only problem is my moral values, and thus implicitly state that 
> > to them WebCollage indeed is completely safe-for-work. [...]
> I think you're discarding data and extrapolating too far. I can
> well believe that debian contains packages not suitable for some
> workplaces. (I may think the workplace is barmy, but that's me.)
> My reasoning is roughly:
> 1. how much of a problem is WebCollage? (10% porn finds. ow)

even 1 is too much in the family, school, whatever case.

> 2. is it enabled by default? (apparently not)

Mmm, this was not my understanding, will have to give it a try. It is only not
enabled by default if you don't chose KDE as desktop, as i understood this. Is
this really the case or not ? 

> 3. if not, what user actions are needed to enable it? (disputed)
> 4. is this a much larger problem than a mail client which
> displays graphics from junk email? (seems not)

Definitively yes, because you are not forced to see junk email, while
screensavers get activated while you are not there, and out of your control,
and can represent potential damage to innocent bistander.

> 5. how easy is it to configure away? (looks easy)
> 6. should it already be impossible in places that care? (yes)
> 7. should an unconfigured debian main install be "moral" in this way? (YMMV)

At least one who will be installed in a family setting should. for lone
student hacker or even the workplace it is less of an issue. Now imagine it
being installed at schools or other such places.


Sven Luther

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