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Re: [Fwd: Problems contacting the debian people .... (was: new configuration to avoid spam at the lists)]

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 06:41:53PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Pascal Hakim <pasc@redellipse.net> wrote:
> > I try very hard to reply[1] to all (valid) emails sent to
> > listmaster@lists.debian.org as well as listarchives@debian.org. It's
> > becoming more and more apparent that I'm missing some of the queries
> > that are addressed there. I'm guessing some of those emails are managing
> > to hit both mine and Cord's spam filters, or arriving when both of us
> > are busy for a couple of days.
> Do you review all listmaster@ mail (that is, a spam filter doesn't
> delete it, just tags it)?
> I encourage people who use spam filters on official task addresses
> to set up some sort of record of what got trapped. I see you already
> have a http://people.debian.org/~pasc/dda-feb.mbox for one time.

In addition to the numbers that Cord gave, there was a fair amount of
stuff caught on murphy. To the best of my knowledge, that's only checked
when there's some debugging going on and so on. 

To give you an idea of the scale of things, 41 hours since the start of
its month, murphy has stopped ~8500 emails from reaching the listmaster

As far as the stuff that gets trapped on my end goes, I give it a quick
eyeball once every two-three days, but it has to jump out at me while
I'm pressing the down key.

> > Most requests are still taken care of however; you'll only hear about
> > those that are not taken care of.
> Indeed. That is the nature of these things.
> > Would a Debian Enquiry Response Team help? I'm not sure... Judging by
> > the burnout we get in those sort of positions, I'm not sure that it
> > would be that useful once the people silly enough to help have burnt out
> > themselves.
> It looks rather like delegates are silently failing to
> answer email anyway. Maybe the DPL team will consider doing
> some "mystery shopper" tests of any delegates they've not
> heard from yet?

I'd like to think we're trying to put a release out =-)

> > [1]: I have to admit that I don't reply to people asking for messages to
> > be removed and/or altered on the listarchives. While the current stated
> > list archives policy is "we don't do that, ever", I don't quite agree
> > with that. There's no real concensus on changing that policy, and I'm
> > not willing to cause a "Problems with Mr Hakim" thread on debian-devel
> > just quite yet.
> I guess the proper thing is to point people to the policy at
> http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#disclaimer and leave it
> at that. If they come back with "that's a stupid policy" then
> suggest that they try to develop a change and build consensus
> for it.

I did that for a year before I gave up. Too many people would then
complain about it, complain about us, complain about debian in general,
ask for an exception to be made for them, ask to talk to our boss, tell
us about how this was affecting their dying grandmother, explain to us
that they were getting too much spam from it, etc etc.


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