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Re: Bug#296807: ftp.nz.debian.org inaccessible from NZ internet

mjr@phonecoop.coop wrote:

>I'm not sure how debian should react to this. I'll send this to
>debian-project, as it's not really a technical problem. Should
>we react to the complaint in bug 296807, or encourage this
>"public good" offered by WIX by keeping citylink as ftp.nz?
This kind of peering wars are normal in NZ and AU, and I think Debian
should not take a position by favouring some operators over others
without first consulting the local developers.
IOW, the local incumbent telco depeering a mirror sponsor (which
obviously cannot afford to burn transit bandwidth to run it) is not a
good enough reason in itself to move the mirror.

(Looks like that IHUG is in the same situation of Citylink:


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