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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

Joel Aelwyn wrote:
On Sat, Feb 19, 2005 at 08:08:55PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
What's sad is that even as Martin Krafft seems to be sincere in wanting to apologise and get on with things (in private mail anyway), the torch is just taken up by Thomas and Joel and MJ Ray anyway and the accusations of working against the project continue without abate.
You asked, in another part of the thread, why nobody listed "ask nicely".
Because it gets ignored

So tell me, how do you imagine Matthew Garrett got the information in the summary he just posted?

As was noted in another email, I have never worked with any other volunteer
organization where "the right to do no work" translated into "the right to
hold a position and not do the tasks associated with it", only that one
could not be required to accept a position with responsibilites beyond what
one wanted to do.

Well then, this must be an exciting new experience for you; I hope you're approaching it with an open mind and a receptive aspect.

We don't let random developers who never upload, never speak, and don't
answer their mail continue as developers with voting rights, after a
certain point (we call them "MIA", instead).

MIA developers certainly are able to vote; they're also able to upload and login to Debian machines. Every now and then MIA maintainers get pinged to see if they still exist, and only if they don't reply to that or reply indicating they have no use for their accounts, do their accounts get disabled. If they change their minds and want their privleges back, they have to do nothing more than ask. And further, MIA means "not responding; for all we know, may not exist anymore", not the "not fulfilling their responsibilities" that you seem to want it to mean.

I realise your ignorance in this and other matters is because of the very problem you're criticising, and I certainly can forgive you that; what that doesn't make it acceptable to start pontificating on things you know absolutely nothing about.

Although, heck, the above *is* documented publically; you can find it in the developers reference for the MIA status implications, and a description of how an MIA ping works, via the -devel-announce post
from (iirc) last time such a thing happened:


If "not do any work you don't
want to do" is really enshrined as you interpret it in the Constitution,
then we have violated it every time we revoke an MIA account, because we
have no statement of their intent to resign, as opposed to merely doing no

See, this is what you get for discussing things on Debian lists -- people with an axe to grind, who've no idea what they're talking about, telling you how things absolutely must or must not be done, and getting it wrong.

And that's even when all the information on the topic has already been made publically available.


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