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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.02.19.1108 +0100]:
> What's sad is that even as Martin Krafft seems to be sincere in
> wanting to apologise and get on with things (in private mail
> anyway), the torch is just taken up by Thomas and Joel and MJ Ray
> anyway and the accusations of working against the project continue
> without abate.

All we want is information, AJ.

If it is okay with you, I propose an experiment. Over the next days
(or weeks... after all you surely have your priorities), I ask you
to prepare a little announcement or document which states the

  (a) What the role of ftpmaster entails.
  (b) Where your priorities are at this point, leading up to sarge?
  (c) It would be nice to know where priorities are placed when not
      about to release.
  (d) Where you think that the current ftpmasters excel.
  (e) Where you think improvements could be made.

This does not have to be long, but it should be enough to give us
non-ftpmaster dudes a good idea of what you are up to.

I expect the result of the experiment to be everything else but
flames. I expect us non-ftpmasters to appreciate your report, and
furthermore, I expect us all to settle down and not bug you anymore,
because we will know (or be able to figure out) the answers to our

I did not include the processing of the NEW queue above, because
I think it's clear to most everyone that (quote vorlon) letting more
and more packages into unstable at this point in the release cycle
is not what we should be concentrating on.

Would you be willing to try this experiment?

As I told you in my private email, I would be more than happy to
work with, not against you. In fact, as many have pointed out to me,
my points may have been valid, but I majorly screwed up by going OT
and sarcastic. I want to apologise now, in public, for my faux pas,
and to AJ for insulting him without any grounds, because, in fact,
he did not really give me a reason. While I was attacking the
ftpmaster role, I can well conceive how the attack probably came in
personal to one or the other. Therefore, I would be grateful if the
other ftpmasters were to accept my apologies too.

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