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Debian role bashing (was: Take APT 0.6 discussion public!)

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.02.17.0028 +0100]:
> It was suppposed to be about "APT 0.6", which has absolutely
> *nothing* to do with ftpmasters. It's amazing how quickly
> discussions in Debian can devolve into role bashing.

Yes. I take full responsibility and apologise.

If you'd ask me about the reason for the quick devolution of threads
in Debian, I would point to the lack of communication. I find it in
no way surprising that people start wondering why their packages are
stuck and their emails ignored. Add to that any source of emotion,
and you get your role bashing.

Maybe we should tabulate most commonly bashed roles and see if there
is a correlation with inavailability of information?

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