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the delegate's job (was: Take APT 0.6 discussion public!)

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.02.17.0036 +0100]:
> No, it does not. You have a debian.org address; presumably you read the 
> constitution as part of that. Please see 2.1.1:

shall i scream "insult" now?

>     1. Nothing in this constitution imposes an obligation on anyone to
>        do work for the Project. A person who does not want to do a task
>        which has been delegated or assigned to them does not need to do
>        it. However, they must not actively work against these rules and
>        decisions properly made under them.

I read this as: if you do not want to do the task, don't accept the
delegation. I do not read it as: if you do not want to do the task,
just don't do anything after accepting the delegation.

Again, I am not claiming that you are not doing anything. I am
claiming that we cannot tell because you do not tell us.

The constitution does not state anything about communication,
unfortunately. However, it does say

  8.3 Procedures
  Delegates may make decisions as they see fit, but should attempt
  to implement good technical decisions and/or follow consensus

I think this is badly worded, since words like "good" and "opinion"
have no place in a "legal" document. But it's axiomatic, so we go by

The above does suggest that there is a common procedure to do things
the right way, it seems to involve consensus, and delegates should
attempt to follow them.

    consensus (WordNet)
       n : agreement of the majority in sentiment or belief
           [syn: {general agreement}]

    agreement (WordNet)
       n 1: the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of
            promises; [syn: {understanding}]

    exchange (WordNet)
       n 2: a mutual expression of views

To me, a mutual expression of views involves bidirectional
communication. Please "attempt" harder. I'll leave it at that.

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