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Re: Take APT 0.6 discussion public!

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.02.16.1703 +0100]:
> Or, wait, perhaps you aren't my boss, and you've got absolutely no
> business demanding that I account for my time?

Doesn't the position of a delegate bear a certain amount of
responsibility and duties, which you willingly accepted as part of
taking on the job?

I am not the one to define these responsibilities and duties as I do
not know enough about them, but I find it hard to imagine that these
do not include some form of two-way communication with the rest of
the team. I find it hard to imagine that a delegate is someone who's
been given a carte blanche, and earplugs and a ruff to help them
stay focused on their own little road ahead (even when travelling
without moving). No, this is not an insult, this is what us mere
mortals think of you: you are the powerful admin of our sacred
archive; you get to say what goes in and what goes out; you do not
listen to us; and you never turn and look just where someone may be
in need for your help. Even though you may well be doing your job at
maximum efficiency, and better than anyone else could do it, to us
outsiders, ftpmasters has been stagnating for months if not years.

I don't care a thing for what you do outside of your official
functions in Debian. But I care about the fact that some of the
official functions in Debian are being held by people who do not
realise that the project is a little more than themselves, their
computers, and whatever they like to do.

I am sure you guys are doing a fair job. I am sure you don't twiddle
your thumbs. Considering that a lot of people are unhappy with the
way you are doing your job, however, would you please consider being
a little more communicative and keeping us posted?

> >I described the situation as perceived by numerous (if not most)
> >developers. If it is an insult to you, maybe you are doing something
> >wrong?
> Because, hey, it's sure not conceivable you're doing anything wrong.

If I am, please tell me. Apart from the sarcasm in my mail; I am
aware of that. It was my choice.

> >None of this is personal. I am bitching at a role.
> Roles are filled by people. And insults don't become inoffensive
> just because you call someone Mr, or address them by title instead
> of name.

I will apologise for every single insult I have spoken iff you
pinpoint it as being an insult and not a statement of fact.

If you are hanging yourself up on my sarcasm, then, please: really,
ask yourself just why I would be sarcastic? Could it be that you
simply remain silent when asked, that you leave some of us
developers hanging in the air without an idea of what/why/when, that
you continue doing so even though it has come up multiple times, and
that you then do nothing else but pretend to be insulted and demand
for apologies when someone says that straight in your face?

> If at some future point you're willing to credit the idea that
> perhaps I might hold the view that public disclosure is generally
> a good thing, and apologise for baselessly asserting otherwise,
> perhapse we might be able to have a civil conversation.

I herewith credit the possibility that Anthony Towns, or any other
of the ftpmasters (or other folks that feel spoken to), may hold the
view that public disclosure is generally a good thing. I apologise
if I have come across as baselessly asserting otherwise (I will at
this point not apologise for what I asserted on the grounds of what
seems to be the situation, other than any sarcasm that may have come
across as a personal attack).

I am looking forward to a civil conversation. No, really. Please,
within the boundaries of what concerns us and does not constitute an
invasion of your freedom, give us status update of the ftpmaster
situation, the NEW queue, your involvement and tasks relating to the
sarge release, and the reason why many bugs and emails have not been
answered in months.


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