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Limiting number of post from a poster per day per list


Someone suggested me to post here :-) (I am not subscribed)

Here is my rewote message with a bit more thought:

We all know we waste too much time on ML discussing and reading many
postings.  We must have some rule for ML to improve this situation.

I think limiting a number of post per user (per ML) will help reduce
noise in our discussion on ML.  Perticulary -devel, -legal, ...  I think
this limit can be purely honor system initially.  

This is very funtamental proposal and may have long lasting strong
impact on the effectiveness of our operation if this becomes enforced
rule later. Although there may be some negatives associated with this
kind of protocol, I think benefits outweigh negatives.

I am sure some people have concern.  If so, can we start establishing
publically agreeed guideline for the limit of posting per day, at least?
I think 5 posts per user per list is a good start.  (I wanted to say 3
but said 5 to give enough safety margin.)  What do other DDs think about


PS: Of course some people should be exempted like IETF chair.  For
Debian, I think, this chair positions belong to DPL and his delegates.
(DPL, RM, ftp-master, DAM, ...) Oh, listmasters have already enforcing
power but it is rarely used.
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