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Re: Limiting number of post from a poster per day per list

Osamu Aoki wrote:
> We all know we waste too much time on ML discussing and reading many
> postings.  We must have some rule for ML to improve this situation.

Aha, silencing the poster will improve the situation?

> I think limiting a number of post per user (per ML) will help reduce
> noise in our discussion on ML.  Perticulary -devel, -legal, ...  I think
> this limit can be purely honor system initially.  

There's no way to stop people from useing foo@bar.org for the first 5
posts, then foo@myhost.bar.org for the next 5, then foo@otherhost.bar...
This will only result in stupid addresses on the lists.

Limiting free speech for list contributors is probably not what the
Debian project should do.



If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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