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Re: Constant revenue source (was: Google ads on debian.org)

* Andrew Suffield (asuffield@debian.org) wrote:
> > Not *entirely* sure what you mean here.  As mentioned elsewhere before,
> > SPI might have some use for an accounting service at the very least.
> That should be done by SPI, not us.

Well, sure, but it's something intelligent to do w/ a consistent revenue
stream that would benefit us through SPI (at least, imv).

> > Additionally, Debian has funded developers to debconf before,
> I'm not really sure that's a good idea. "Free holidays for developers"
> doesn't seem like something we should be doing.

Not sure I agree, I think it does benefit Debian as a whole to have our
developers get to meet each other and work things out.

> > as well as retained some amount for emergency spending
> > for hardware or whatnot.
> We're already covered in that department. That might be justified if
> we didn't have any money in the bank, but we do.

At the moment, and that seems to be the only purpose we're allowed to
have money for, which I don't particularly like.

> > Other potential uses for revenue could be
> > buying obscure hardware off eBay or from wherever that we don't have
> > enough of, and possibly helping to cover the costs of hosting that
> > equipment.
> Don't seem to have any trouble there either. I don't recall the last
> time we had difficulty obtaining and hosting equipment. The problem
> has always been getting stuff done with the equipment we've already
> got.

I'm not sure I agree, as I recall it was with some difficulty that we
eventually got a couple of r5k machines (which are hosted in my house so
I'm kind of familiar with it...) to help with the mips building.  It's
possible this could have been made easier by being willing to spend some
cash to have it done.

> Sure, you could spend money on any of these things. But you can't
> *justify* spending money on them, because we don't need it.

And I disagree, and these are only a few things upon which we could
spend money, if we weren't so terribly concerned that it's a bad idea to
spend money and we should just save it all in case the US gets nuked.

> > Perhaps this would be a more appropriate discussion to have w/ SPI,
> > since they probably fit this category at least slightly closer than
> > Debian does
> Yes, it would appear to be legitimate for SPI to do this sort of
> thing. That should be done without involving Debian.

Little hard to get much done when you don't have the involvment of the
largest (far and away) project- we've seen that before.

> > though, honestly, Debian seems pretty well lined up in that
> > category too.
> Really can't see why you think that.



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