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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > I tend to agree that we don't seem to need the money currently, although
> > I do wonder about the possibility of what we might do with a consistent
> > dependable revenue stream (debconf trips for Debian, additional obscure
> > hardware and professional hosting for it).
> How much money are we talking about anyway?  EUR 100 per month?  Something
> like 20kEUR a year?  Or more?  Please take into account what you think,
> for example, HP sponsors Debian and debconf with, each year, and without
> requiring the projects web page to be plastered with advertising.

Don't know how much it'd bring in, that'd be a question for tbm.  I
appriciate HP and other companies support.  As I understand it though,
in general companies tend to either provide services (machine hosting,
mirrors, alternative architectures, conference hosting, etc) or
spot-donations.  These are great but can make it difficult to predict
cash flow and get a handle on how much we can spend on a regular basis
as opposted to emergency or one-time purchasing.

> I often see 'constant revenue stream' from you, but no concret numbers.

If I knew the numbers, I'd be happy to provide them.  I did mention
previously (in an email you replied to, I believe) that I expected it
would be a reasonably small revenue stream.

> Do you speak from experience?  Please also note that "the online ad
> marked decreased" lately, so the income may not be that high and the
> price we would have to pay for it may actually much higher, if only
> for using Joeys as contributor.

I wouldn't expect that much money from the ad revenue.  I certainly
don't picture it bringing in loads of cash and I'm not trying to justify
my support of ads by the amount it would bring in.  I think it's a good
idea to look into consistent revenue sources.  This seems like a
reasonable one to me.  Unfortunately, this knee-jerk reaction is likely
to be the same for any consistent revenue source that Debian considers.

Do you have any suggestion as to something that'd be a consistent
revenue source for Debian that you *wouldn't* be opposed to?  Maybe a
Debian Magazine (with/without ads?)?  Or a subscriber-only Debian
website (run by those willing to provide the content for it, obviously)?
What about Debian selling CDs directly (though, well, it'd help if we
released on a more regular basis for that, but then, that'd be a good
thing for us to do *anyway*)?


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