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Re: Google ads on debian.org

Stephen Frost wrote:
> I tend to agree that we don't seem to need the money currently, although
> I do wonder about the possibility of what we might do with a consistent
> dependable revenue stream (debconf trips for Debian, additional obscure
> hardware and professional hosting for it).

How much money are we talking about anyway?  EUR 100 per month?  Something
like 20kEUR a year?  Or more?  Please take into account what you think,
for example, HP sponsors Debian and debconf with, each year, and without
requiring the projects web page to be plastered with advertising.

I often see 'constant revenue stream' from you, but no concret numbers.
Do you speak from experience?  Please also note that "the online ad
marked decreased" lately, so the income may not be that high and the
price we would have to pay for it may actually much higher, if only
for using Joeys as contributor.



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