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Constant revenue source (was: Google ads on debian.org)

Stephen Frost wrote:
> Do you have any suggestion as to something that'd be a consistent
> revenue source for Debian that you *wouldn't* be opposed to?  Maybe a
> Debian Magazine (with/without ads?)?  Or a subscriber-only Debian
> website (run by those willing to provide the content for it, obviously)?
> What about Debian selling CDs directly (though, well, it'd help if we
> released on a more regular basis for that, but then, that'd be a good
> thing for us to do *anyway*)?

SPI could start a sponsorship program for Debian and the other
associated programs like the FSF Europe did[1].  That could mean that
there would be 200 s upporters with EUR 10/month, ..., and 2 with 500
EUR/month or something.

 1. http://www.germany.fsfeurope.org/help/donate.en.html



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