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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) wrote:
> Please read what I said:
>  . When we put commercial adverts on our web pages our sponsors may
>    have to decline their offer.  Take (German) universities for
>    example.  These would have to be replaced, probably by actually
>    renting rackspace.  Is the income higher than the costs for this?

Wrong, on multiple counts.  1: We could have other places do the
mirroring w/o cost, 2: We could provide an ad-less page for places that
don't wish to support Debian via ads to mirror (such as said
universities).  #2 would probably require some additional thinking and a
proper policy for mirrors, but that'd be good to have *anyway*, and so
would be a benefit to the project.

>  . When we are supposed to generate income with the web page it is a
>    commercial web page.

This is, also, wrong.  As mentioned elsewhere, not-for-profit doesn't
mean no-income.

>  . Several developers would declike their work on the web pages if
>    they should be turned into commercial ones.  So far you'd loose
>    both Joeys for the web pages work.

This would be unfortunate and, really, is the only valid concern that's
been brought up which basically makes it an ultimadum to Debian.  It's
kind of sad to see it, too.

>  . Several developers agreed to work on Debian and within the Debian
>    project because it produces Free Software, adheres to a very strict
>    freedom policy and the social contract and has no commercial
>    interests.  If I would want to work for commercial bodies, I could
>    go to Red Hat, SuSE or Ubuntu.

Again, not-for-profit isn't the same as no-income.  I imagine certain
(German) universities accept money from their students, does that make
them commercial?

> Additionally, SF.net became more and more commercial and is more and
> more hated by their users, who become more happy to move their
> projects to Savannah, Alioth, SPI or other services.

SF.net has had a number of problems that I'm honestly not interested in
going in to.  SPI wouldn't survive with no income whatsoever.


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