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Re: Google ads on debian.org

* Lars H. Beuse (info@dokfilm.org) wrote:
> Those Google Ads are look the way they do. cause they're made for a special 
> target group. So that's just quit a good marketing idea (not new). If you 
> want you could say thats also way to make people think Google is different, 
> they're serious, they're cool and, and and, but they just want to sell, and 
> harden theire market position. A quit subversive Way of separating people 
> from there money. And maybe in some cases textbased ads could be 
> missunderstood as a part of the website.
> I think Google wants to put there ads on Debian to get some kind of 'big clean 
> okay' for there way of doing commercials from another major open source 
> project. Many people will think: Well, if that's okay for debian.org, it will 
> be okay for many others, sooner or later. Not only debian.org will be 
> affected by a decision. 

Sorry, but you're just too funny to think Debian is ahead of the game
for *anything* except architectures (only because they're old) and 
total 'supported' package count.  Google isn't looking for Debian to
validate anything for them, to think otherwise is ridiculous.


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