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Re: Google ads on debian.org

Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader wrote:
I received the following message from someone at Google:

Google is interested in advertising on debian.org.  I realize your
site currently isn't running any advertising, however what we're
proposing is much different, and complimentary to your sites goal.

Normally, I reply to advertising requests on debian.org with a polite
"no".  However, given that google ads are widely considered different
to normal ads, and might even enhance a web site, I thought I'd ask on
-project to see what other people think.

Hi all!

First of all I think it is a bad idear based on the fact that it will
make debian appear commercial. It will look like debian has business
relations with what ever those ads represents.

Second of all it is a well known web designer fact based on usability
tests that most people ignore ads - from google or elsewhere - even ads
on google don't effect people very much. When people search on google
the top result is the ads, or those places on the right side. But most
people jump right down to the right search results - those not paying

Thirdly it is very important for debian to stay as un-commercial as
possible since this is one of the major differences between Debian and
other GNU/Linux distributions. Ofcourse there are others, but Debian is
known to be 100% maintained by a community of people who voluntary
maintain the system without any commercial interrest affecting the
project. This image could change.

A strong big and polite "no" on my part :-)



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