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Re: Google ads on debian.org

On Tuesday 14 December 2004 04:53, Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Lars H. Beuse (info@dokfilm.org) wrote:
> > Those Google Ads are look the way they do. cause they're made for a
> > special target group. So that's just quit a good marketing idea (not
> > new). If you want you could say thats also way to make people think
> > Google is different, they're serious, they're cool and, and and, but they
> > just want to sell, and harden theire market position. A quit subversive
> > Way of separating people from there money. And maybe in some cases
> > textbased ads could be missunderstood as a part of the website.
> >
> > I think Google wants to put there ads on Debian to get some kind of 'big
> > clean okay' for there way of doing commercials from another major open
> > source project. Many people will think: Well, if that's okay for
> > debian.org, it will be okay for many others, sooner or later. Not only
> > debian.org will be affected by a decision.
> Sorry, but you're just too funny to think Debian is ahead of the game
> for *anything* except architectures (only because they're old) and
> total 'supported' package count.  Google isn't looking for Debian to
> validate anything for them, to think otherwise is ridiculous.
>  Stephen

Google does not sits there and plans how to occupy debian.org, but that's a 
strategy of textbased ads, wrapping commercials in a serious way. So dont be 
to close at the words.
Debian has an Image (not just a bootimage) and a authority, and thats 
intresting for people wanting to make money with a little pice of that image. 
Thats not just GOOGLE, of course. 

For many people debian is more than just ports and packages, it also stands 
for a different way of producing those packages. And that has an effect in 
many discussions far away from techincal aspects of computing, or the debian 
scene. So it's not only a tecnical but also a social question. The Way of 
earning money or not with that debian.org webpage is something where debian 
is "ahead of the game"

For ex there are many social/cultural scientist and studies not looking if gcc 
become stable or whatever, but researching for the way how and why open 
source works. For ex One of my students just wrote a work on cultural aspects 
of Open Source and the dynamic of globalisation in  Cultural - 
Studies/Ethnology, that work was written with MSOffice, but those guy is now 
running arround and telling everybody that there is some kind of oasis in an 
'overkilled by commercials' world - right or not, that is an effect you'll 
find very often, and, i think, you'll have to take care of. So how you want 
to be seen from the outside world, ha?

But away from that you're right, 


Tue Dec 14 07:44:15 CET 2004

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