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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

[Jonathan Walther]
> Gentlemen treat women with greater gentleness and with less
> expectation than they do their fellow men.  A gentleman, for
> instance, would not think to lift a fellow man over a rain puddle,
> but would instantly offer such assistance to a lady.

I know it has not escaped your notice, since you mentioned it earlier,
that while some women enjoy the "perks" of your way of thinking, others
find it insulting.  I imagine you have heard the saying, "A gentleman
never wounds unintentionally."  Obvious corollary: to qualify as a
"gentleman", you ought to be able to tell the difference between those
two types of women, and respond accordingly.  (I highly suspect that
most prospective Debian developers would fall into the second category,
but that's not my point.)

That you seem completely unable to do so makes clear, if it wasn't
already, your own hypocrisy and pompousness.


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