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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 02:19:29AM -0500, Erinn Clark wrote:
The topic being discussed was the lack of women in Debian and I felt it
proper to provide some anecdotal evidence for the treatment some of us
have received.

I don't believe the treatment you receive in channel #debian is
representative of how women are treated in the project itself, by actual
developers.  The Debian developement team, including myself, has always
bent over backward to be inclusive and polite to females.

I really don't think the onus is on me, or any other woman, to be
polite when reacting.

Should we then have special standards for women?  That is, men should
not flame, but women can be rude if they feel like it?  I would be ok
with such a standard, as long as it is explicitly stated.

A lot of women I know will not go to #debian because of the treatment

How many is "a lot"?  Three?  Four?  A dozen?  Can you name them?

If I may, here are three simple rules to follow when dealing with women:

1. Don't pander to us just because we're women.

Why not?  There are standards of civility, and those standards include
acting like a gentleman.

2. Don't flirt with us just because we're women.

Impossible.  More than 90% of the worlds men use that as their chief
criteria for choosing who they flirt with.  Should Debian now exclude
all heterosexual men?

3. Don't insult us just because we're women.

Does that happen very often?  Are you certain the insults are because
you are female, as opposed to other reasons, such as a conflict between
female behaviors and male behaviors?


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