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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

One time on Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 01:24:08AM -0800 this person named Jonathan Walther wrote:
> I don't believe the treatment you receive in channel #debian is
> representative of how women are treated in the project itself, by actual
> developers.  The Debian developement team, including myself, has always
> bent over backward to be inclusive and polite to females.

Perhaps they were not developers but the channel is a Debian resource.
Most people do not meet the developers before they consider becoming
one, or, in fact, when they first begin using Debian. It's an
off-putting environment, and not just for women.

> Should we then have special standards for women?  That is, men should
> not flame, but women can be rude if they feel like it?  I would be ok
> with such a standard, as long as it is explicitly stated.

I don't believe you were present during the #debian-devel discussion.
That was directed at people who thought I was overreacting or that I
shouldn't have used foul language, etc. I never said men couldn't be

> >1. Don't pander to us just because we're women. 
> Why not?  There are standards of civility, and those standards include
> acting like a gentleman.

Acting like a gentleman is an antiquated notion, much like "acting like
a lady." However, that is another debate, so I won't discuss any
follow-ups you may include to this statement. Just know that we

> >2. Don't flirt with us just because we're women.
> Impossible.  More than 90% of the worlds men use that as their chief
> criteria for choosing who they flirt with.  Should Debian now exclude
> all heterosexual men?

I believe you misunderstood the statement. You don't have to flirt with
someone just because she has a vagina.

> Does that happen very often?  Are you certain the insults are because
> you are female, as opposed to other reasons, such as a conflict between
> female behaviors and male behaviors?

Well, "very often" is probably subject to interpretation. It happens too
often, IMO, but probably not "very often" to you. I have been insulted
plenty of times for reasons not relating to my gender. I'm able to tell
the difference. I don't want special treatment - I'm sorry if you think
these three things are classified as special.

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