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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 07:14:08AM -0500, Erinn Clark wrote:
Perhaps they were not developers but the channel is a Debian resource.
Most people do not meet the developers before they consider becoming
one, or, in fact, when they first begin using Debian. It's an
off-putting environment, and not just for women.

Have things changed that much since I joined?  Before I became a Debian
developer, the majority of my contact was with other Debian developers.
Mailing lists are where the real activity is at; any prospective
developer should at least join the debian-devel mailing list for a
while.  If someone is put off from joining by some stuff happening on an
IRC channel inhabited by non-developers, it sounds like they aren't very
serious anyway.

>1. Don't pander to us just because we're women. Why not? There are standards of civility, and those standards include
acting like a gentleman.

Acting like a gentleman is an antiquated notion, much like "acting like
a lady."

Having sex in the missionary position is also an antiquated notion, yet
many people still enjoy it today.  Antiquity is not the same as
obsolescence, and those who forget the lessons of history will one day
have to relearn them, to their cost.  Gentlemanly behavior acted as a
protection to women.  If you freely give up such protection, that is
your decision, but you must be willing to deal with the consequences.

I'd take a bullet for my wife, my mother, my sisters, but never for a

I believe you misunderstood the statement. You don't have to flirt with
someone just because she has a vagina.

Yes, but 90% of men won't flirt with someone unless they HAVE a vagina.

I don't want special treatment - I'm sorry if you think these three
things are classified as special.

Actually, it sounds like you HAVEN'T been getting special treatment, and
that you don't like it.  That only leaves the alternative of being given
special treatment; which I support and endorse.  There is nothing weak,
archaic, or wrong about being manly.


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