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Re: Getting rid of section "base" ?

Yann Dirson <ydirson@altern.org> writes:
> tty
> tty/stdio
> tty/curses
> tty/dialog
> tty/newt
> X11
> X11/Xt
> X11/Xt/Xaw
> X11/Xt/Motif
> X11/Gtk+
> X11/Gtk+/GNOME
> X11/Qt
> X11/Qt/KDE
> X11/Tk

I wuld suggest to use a syntax like this in the Packages file:

Interface: tty (stdio, dialog), X11 (Xt, Qt)

The main interfaces seperated by commas and subtypes in brackets.
Also Interfaces none, net/html and such, ggi, svga and tty/aa should
be included. Anything I forgot?

I also think that the interface should not show up on the layout of
the debian file structure (ftp/cdrom). People looking for a package to 
do something don´t so much care for the interface as long as it does
the job. For other cases where the interface matters the Interface
value from the Packages file can be used in a frontend.

> Here's my first try.  This is surely to be reworded to be more clear,
> but I hope it's sufficient to convey the intended meaning:
> 1. Nature: A list of what type of "things" are to found in the
> package.  This is a list of values to be defined by policy, examples
> of which can be: 
> * PROGRAM: an executable that is to be used directly by a user, as
> opposed eg. to a server.
> * SERVER: an executable that provides a service to other "things".
> * LIBRARY: [what falls into current "libs" section].
> * DOCUMENTATION: [what falls into current "doc" section].
> * DEVELOPMENT KIT: a set of files allowing to build other "things"
> that use a library.

Maybe program should be split up further into stuff like games and
such. Also where do windowmanagers go? I would like sections for
games, graphics, utils, interfaces.

In my eyes this would be most usefull as the layout for the ftp/cdrom

> 2. UserInterface: A list of ways the programs in the package interact
> with their users.  Possible values are to be defined by policy,
> examples are given at the top of this mail.
> 3. Section: [As the current packaging manual says] the Section
> represents an application area into which the package has been
> classified.

Those should be for frontends only, i.e. in the Packages.gz and

May the Source be with you.

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