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Re: Getting rid of section "base" ?

Isn´t base everything thats on the base.tgz file?
I allways thought so.

While your at killing the base section, kill the other sections
also. Its all a bloody mess. Graphics stuff is in libs, x11 stuff in
games, some dev packages are in dev, some in lib some somewhere else.

Just some examples: Why are devscripts in util and not in devel? Aren´t
they for developement? Why are xmanpages/xbook in X11 and not in doc
or devel?

As I see it there are several sortings mixed:

priority: thats why theres base

interface: X11

contents: devel, libs, graphics, net, web...

useage: games, devel, graphics, lib, ...

what they do: otherosfs, mail, net, web,...

Package are where maintainers though they could be and no proper
sorting is done. Also a plane structure as present doens´t even
work. You can´t bring the interface, the contents, the priority, the
work done and the purpose of a package into one flat tree.

May the Source be with you.

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