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Getting rid of section "base" ?

Hi there,

Here is my problem: I've always disliked section "base", as being an
artificial set of packages otherwise belonging to standard sections
(utils, admin, etc.).

I cannot find a reason currently for its existance, nor can I find a
reference to it in the Policy and Packaging manuals.

I once believed it was of use to the system initial install, and hence
tightly related to boot-floppies.  However, I was recently told:

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > that tag is ignored by us (boot-floppies team).
 > > Or can't we just rely on the choices made by the boot
 > > team ?
 > You have to.  I'm here to make sure we make the right choices.

...so this explanation does not hold (any more ?).

Can someone present a reason for this ?  

If there is a reason, I'm strongly in favor of this being written
somewhere (so that I do not ask this again in 2 years ;), and we
should find another way ("Base" tag ?) to handle this piece of info
that is orthogonal to package sectionning.

If there's no (more) reason, I strongly suggest we throw this ugly
thing ASAP, and I'll be happy to be one of the first to do so with my
packages currently using this "section".

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