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Re: Getting rid of section "base" ?

Yann Dirson writes:
 > Goswin Brederlow writes:
 >  > interface: X11
 > Ah, glad you tell this.  I already suggested this some time ago but
 > did not get much support then.  More on this in another thread - let's
 > separate issues.

We should probably define a set of keywords for this.  Problem will be
with choosing the granularity.  I can think of 2 possible

1) basic display capability: X11, tty

2) toolkit:



 >  > contents: devel, libs, graphics, net, web...
 >  > 
 >  > useage: games, devel, graphics, lib, ...
 >  > 
 >  > what they do: otherosfs, mail, net, web,...
 > I like the idea, but I'm not sure I understand how you separate those.
 > Again, more on this in another thread - let's separate issues.

I think we should try to formally define any replacements we want for

Here's my first try.  This is surely to be reworded to be more clear,
but I hope it's sufficient to convey the intended meaning:

1. Nature: A list of what type of "things" are to found in the
package.  This is a list of values to be defined by policy, examples
of which can be: 

* PROGRAM: an executable that is to be used directly by a user, as
opposed eg. to a server.

* SERVER: an executable that provides a service to other "things".

* LIBRARY: [what falls into current "libs" section].

* DOCUMENTATION: [what falls into current "doc" section].

* DEVELOPMENT KIT: a set of files allowing to build other "things"
that use a library.

2. UserInterface: A list of ways the programs in the package interact
with their users.  Possible values are to be defined by policy,
examples are given at the top of this mail.

3. Section: [As the current packaging manual says] the Section
represents an application area into which the package has been

Some implications:

* sections devel, libs, docs get terminated.  Their items are put in
relevant sections.  Docs get classified together with the package(s)
they document, libs are classified mostly the same way as programs
(although some more specific sections may need to be created, or we
can put some in section "misc"), items from current devel section are
moved together with their libs.

* section x11 gets "epurated" into other sections (which, BTW, could be
done right now)

Reactions ?
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