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Re: Getting rid of section "base" ?

Goswin Brederlow writes:
 > Isn´t base everything thats on the base.tgz file?
 > I allways thought so.

I guess it was at some time, but not any more.

 > While your at killing the base section, kill the other sections
 > also. Its all a bloody mess. Graphics stuff is in libs, x11 stuff in
 > games, some dev packages are in dev, some in lib some somewhere else.

I agree there is room for improvement here.  But let's procede one
thing after the other, or we may simply not complete even the 1st one

 > As I see it there are several sortings mixed:
 > priority: thats why theres base

Well, it seems 'base' even should not be there :)

 > interface: X11

Ah, glad you tell this.  I already suggested this some time ago but
did not get much support then.  More on this in another thread - let's
separate issues.

 > contents: devel, libs, graphics, net, web...
 > useage: games, devel, graphics, lib, ...
 > what they do: otherosfs, mail, net, web,...

I like the idea, but I'm not sure I understand how you separate those.
Again, more on this in another thread - let's separate issues.

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