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Re: Stop Debian/FreeBSD

> I guess you just can't see how this is different from the case where
> you have two different kernels for the same cpu, and they already have
> the capability of running many of the same binaries?

They can?  I thought iBCS was dead.

> Or did you have a point?

Why would emulation under a different kernel be any more acceptable
than emulation of a different processor?  I know that it's been claimed
that FreeBSD's emulation runs Linux binaries faster than Linux does,
but come on.  You say the purpose of this is to allow Debian users
to witness the power of the FreeBSD kernel, and then you want to
cripple it?

You can run SunOS binaries under Solaris easily.  Do you see anyone
running a SunOS version of bash when they could run a Solaris version?
No, you see people running SunOS Netscape under OpenBSD/sparc, because
Netscape apparently shares your values about archive bloat and wasting
time recompiling.

Would this even be an issue if FreeBSD had no Linux emulation
whatsoever?  Hint: Piotr's project would be exactly the same,
the same people would be raving about BSD leading to the downfall
of society, and people would still want to run the FreeBSD kernel
with a Debian userland, just as there are people who want to
run the Linux kernel with a BSD userland.  If FreeBSD (and I see
no reason not to do Debian/NetBSD and Debian/OpenBSD in addition)
could not run Linux binaries, what would be your objection to this

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