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Stop Debian/FreeBSD

Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net> writes:

> I see no problem with SPI supporting all kinds of free software and
> Debian FreeBSD won't become propitary it can't nobody can tell us
> (Debian) to stop developing it as a piece of free software.

The fact that SPI will not make it proprietary does not prevent it
from becoming so.  The BSD license permits it.  And people have, and
continue to, exploit this weakness in the BSD license.

This is no mere political thing as you try to make it.  What you and
others are trying to do is, in my opinion, seriously damaging to the
Free Software community.  If you want something other than Linux, work 
on the Hurd.  Let's stamp out the BSD license before more greedy
companies and individuals exploit our work.

> We had this discussion before (on -devel, not personally) and that is
> why the debian-bsd list was made. We now have a debian-projects list
> for "Debian project related non-technical (i.e. political,
> organizational, etc.) discussions." so please keep the political there.

This issue is much bigger than that; I think it deserves wide
attention instead of being relegated to an obscure mailing list.  Make 
no mistake about it, had Linux used the BSD license, the Free Software 
community would, by this time, be virtually entirely sold out to
commercial interests and fragmented.

This happpened to BSD.  It continues to happen with it.  Commercial
interests steal the code (which they are permitted to do), make it
proprietary, and never help out the original authors with code or give 
out their code.  It is an open invitation for people to abuse the
system.  Even Microsoft has done so.

WE MUST NOT ALLOW people to do that to Debian.

Please, people, if you have not thought through the ramifications of
what you are trying to do, take a step back and look at the big
picture first.  Why not try to help the free software community
instead of hurt it?

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