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Re: Stop Debian/FreeBSD

> > I guess you just can't see how this is different from the case where
> > you have two different kernels for the same cpu, and they already have
> > the capability of running many of the same binaries?

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 02:01:46PM -0500, Clint Adams wrote:
> They can?  I thought iBCS was dead.

I wouldn't know and I wasn't refering to iBCS.  And from your comments
below I think you know that.

> > Or did you have a point?
> Why would emulation under a different kernel be any more acceptable
> than emulation of a different processor?  I know that it's been claimed
> that FreeBSD's emulation runs Linux binaries faster than Linux does,
> but come on.  You say the purpose of this is to allow Debian users
> to witness the power of the FreeBSD kernel, and then you want to
> cripple it?

What problem are you trying to solve?


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