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Re: Stop Debian/FreeBSD

On Nov 18, John Goerzen wrote:
> This happpened to BSD.  It continues to happen with it.  Commercial
> interests steal the code (which they are permitted to do), make it
> proprietary, and never help out the original authors with code or give 
> out their code.  It is an open invitation for people to abuse the
> system.  Even Microsoft has done so.
> WE MUST NOT ALLOW people to do that to Debian.

The *only* part of Debian FreeBSD that would be under the BSD license
(that isn't under it in Debian) is the FreeBSD kernel, and possibly
the FreeBSD libc.  That's it.  Even its libc could be migrated to
glibc, in principle.

Commercial interests can already steal all of the code in Debian
that's under the X and BSD licenses.  Commercial interests can also
rip off the FreeBSD kernel.  I don't see how a FreeBSD-based Debian
system changes this situation in any substantive way.

In any event, Debian's mods to the FreeBSD kernel could be licensed
under a GPL-with-advertsing-clause-exception.  It would royally piss
off the FreeBSD community, but then again who gives a shit about PR
around here...

So your objection is a red herring.

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