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Re: PB G4 Installation

On 5/28/20 9:27 PM, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> isn't that at the end what Devuan is all about?  there are more than "3 people" asking for no-systemd.

There are certainly more than three people but certainly not more than ten.

> I would have preferred to have all this inside Debian, of course. "Init Freedom".

Not sure what you are missing in Debian in this regard. Nothing prevents you from
running sysvinit instead of system in Debian.

> I "Devuanized" two older computers and on a very low-end machine (128MB of RAM
> 233Mhz ...) the difference is immense. Debian was totally unusable clogging up
> all resources... and I attribute part to this to systemd.

I wouldn't recommend using Devuan as their project lacks professionalism [1].

> sysV-init or OpenRC is a personal choice, I tried both.
> It would be happy very to try that, if it did such wonders on x86!
> Reading in debian-init-diversity it seems possible, would be worth trying on
> MacPPC - since most of our Macs are older and limited in Memory and CPU.

FWIW, I'm running systemd on an Amiga 4000 with an 68060 CPU with 50 MHz and
128 MiB RAM. And I'm not sure how compiled C code is supposed to be slower
than interpreted shell code.

> So... I hoped new directions for debian, to reconsider, but "the mass" just
> likes RedHat following, for convenience I guess.

"The mass" is following the technical superior solution. Maintaining system
services with the help of shell scripts with no proper means of process
accounting and inter-process communication isn't really suitable for servers.

There are a lot of problems associated with sysvinit, claiming that these don't
exist and systemd didn't solve anything would be really dishonest.

> I use debian "since ever" I use Linux and...it is home of so much nice, especially
> in the past. It used to run on a lot of systems, almost like NetBSD!
> But things like forcing systemd, removing videocards, killing "official PPC" show
> that the general sentiment of the project changed over the years.

Maintenance isn't free, it never was. Things are removed because they become
unmaintained. As you know, I'm currently the only primary maintainer of the
PowerPC port and unless more people are stepping up to help me, things will
get killed off.

As the saying goes "Talk is cheap, show me the code".


> [1] https://lwn.net/Articles/786593/

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