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A question regarding 32-bit debian port

Hello everyone, 

First, huge thanks for everyone involved in the debian project that has been my primary desktop OS for over a decade. You rock ;)

Now, the big question: I was wondering about the status of debian 32-bit powerpc port (anything more detailed, than 'dead and buried' for good ;) )

The story, why I'm interested in is: I happen to work for a small semiconductor company named RC Module, that happens to make some chips based on a 32-bit powerpc core, 476fp to be precise. We've been using debian for our ARM-based SoCs and would really love to do the same for our powerpc-based products. So far jessie bootstrapped from debian archive works, but it's becoming more and more outdated as the time goes on. 

So we are investigating, whether we could either help community in some way, or set up compiling recent debian package base ourselves on our infrastructure (Like the raspbian folks for their arm1176 core). 

Andrew Andrianov

P.S. https://www.module.ru/products/1/1888018-4 - Here's one of our SoC's we're interested in running debian at.

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