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Re: Performing installer tests on PowerMac with USB sticks

On 5/1/19 12:18, aggaz wrote:
For what is worth, I think that a developer in need to test several CD
images without burning them should consider investing in a FireWire HD.
As far as I know booting from FireWire should be much easier, but I
never tried it.

You don't even need a disk attached via FireWire if you have a second
Mac that supports target disk mode - just hook both up via their first(?
- sorry, don't remember if this is important) FireWire ports and start
the one to boot from in target disk mode first.

Though I'd say it's less convenient than to use a separate disk. But if
you're short on FireWire disk adapters but have plenty of Power Macs,
why not? :-) If you have one of the first iPods with FireWire, these can
also be used for booting IIRC.


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