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Re: issue booting CD iso on iBook G4

Hi Riccardo,

On 2018-11-29, Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola@libero.it> wrote:
> I did try to get debian 8.11.0 netinst on an USB stick
> I am unable to boot that stick, neither with just "boot usb" from OF,
> neither using this:
> 1. download jessie powerpc netinst iso[1] and dd it to a USB stick
> 2. boot into open firmware
> 3. start yaboot 1.3.16 from jessie usb stick
>    boot usb0/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot
> 4. from yaboot 1.3.16, switch to sid netinst (CD-ROM)
>    conf device=cd file=/install/yaboot.conf
> 5. run installer
>    install32
> If I do:
>    boot usb0/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot
> -> Can't open device or file

Have you checked if the device is recognized? With the OF command
"devalias" you can see what usb0 is. For example, for me it is:


You can manually traverse the device tree and see if the USB disk is

dev usb0
ls   <--- should show an entry like "disk@1"

(The "dev" command is like "cd". You can specify absolute or relative
paths to move up and down the tree.) Otherwise try the other USB port:

dev usb1

You need to make sure the USB stick is inserted before powering
on. Also, if the USB stick is USB3, it may not be detected. I was able
to work around that issue by using a USB2 hub. With the USB2 hub, I then
had to find my stick:

dev usb0
dev hub@1
dev hub@4
ls <--- finally showed me disk@1

So the boot command for me was then:

boot usb0/hub@1/hub@4/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot

On a side note, it is a bit frustrating that I provided a patch and even
NMU package [0] with a fix 3 months ago but because it is not being
accepted, people like you continue to waste our time on this issue.

John Ogness

[0] http://www.ogness.net/debian/yaboot

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