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Re: issue booting CD iso on iBook G4

On 11/29/18 18:54, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
If I do:

    boot usb0/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot
-> Can't open device or file

    boot usb1/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot
-> Can't open device or file

    boot usb1a/disk@1:2,\install\yaboot

I get a big grey screen with the "not found" sign in the middle, after some xcoff loading

There might be no device alias for your USB ports or they might just be named differently on your machine (e.g. like in this post on [1]). You can check the device aliases with the `devalias` command.

[1]: https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/160252

I wonder if I wrote the key correctly, I can see it as HFS volume from mac and see the files.

Is there a way to list files from OF, just to be sure the device and paths are correct?

Just stumbled upon this on the web: check "Finding the OF Code File on the hard drive" on [2], maybe this works for you.

[2]: https://www.fenestrated.net/mirrors/Apple%20Technotes%20(As%20of%202002)/tn/tn2001.html


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